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Our Story

Our Story


It all started over a decade ago with the idea to build a few homes with updated features at the most affordable prices.  This concept caught on and now today Mystique Homes is one of the leading home builders in the area.  Many things have changed but this idea remains strong.  Something that has always stuck with our company is the drive to offer a quality product.  We always strive to deliver a quality home that is going to last for a long time.

Mystique Homes was started by a second generation home builder, Tim Roten Jr. Tim’s parents started Roten Homes over 3 decades ago.  A lifetime of home building experiences was learned growing up in and off the job site.  We continue this learning today, constantly pushing for new techniques, styles, and efficiencies.

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One thing that must come with building this many homes is a


We understand here at Mystique Homes we are blessed by our Creator, and his blessing is a new each day.  We hope to give back to you and the community and share the joy and blessings we experience each day.